Simple Tomato Sandwich

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This Simple Tomato Sandwich is the epitome of Summer food! Loaded on a delicious crusty bread, smothered in mayonnaise and topped with juicy slices of seasonal tomatoes, you won’t be able to have just one!

Alright y’all. So I know that no one really probably needs a super long blog post tutorial on how to make a tomato sandwich. I know it’s simple. 

But for me, tomato sandwiches are the epitome of Summer. Especially Summer in the South. It reminds me of being a kid sitting on my Granny’s front porch or eating them for dinner with tons of potato chips on a paper plate.

tomato sandwich on white plate with kettle chips, butter knife beside it on top of yellow linen

There are so many memories I could conjure up from the simple pleasure of a tomato sandwich – which is why I really wanted to post it. 

To remind us that even during this crazy time, something as simple as a tomato sandwich can bring us JOY. To remind us to appreciate this time, to enjoy every little thing and soak up each single second. Who knows, this strange season might be one of those times, in the future years, that we think back on and feel happiness about a specific memory. And that memory could be present in enjoying a tomato sandwich with someone you love. 

A Southern Thing + Why Simple is Best

Yes, I must admit that I feel like I do have some pride for this particular recipe due to the fact that it probably originated in the South. Due to the insane heat in the Summers, tomatoes THRIVE here. 

And since we, as Southerners in the Summer heat, don’t exactly want to turn on our ovens to cook anything, the tomato sandwich was born. 

sliced tomatoes on top of white bread with mayonnaise on white plate

So, hear me out. I’m all for LOADED sandwiches with all of the ingredients. But for this particular sandwich, simple is the way to go! 

Combining bread, lots of mayonnaise, salt and pepper, bread and tomatoes is all you need for this! 

Easy. Delicious. Done. 

Ingredients You Need: 

  • Fresh ripe tomatoes 
  • Bread 
  • Mayonnaise 
  • Salt + pepper 

What tomato should I use?

Of course this will depend on the season you’re in and your taste preferences. A good classic tomato to go with is the Beefsteak Tomato. It’s, like the name states, thick and beefy – making sure your sandwich has tons of juicy flavor. There are a ton of different types of Beefsteak Tomatoes. For this sandwich, I used one called “Better Boy”.

Some other fancy varieties of Beefsteak include what is known as an Heirloom Tomato. My favorite is probably Cherokee Purple but I also love German Johnsons.

5 different varieties of tomato on top of marble board

My best friend Kate and her husband Cam also grew some Chocolate Stripe tomatoes this year that were AMAZING. Shout out to them and their fabulous gardening skillts!

I feel like heirlooms just have a deeper flavor to them than “normal” tomatoes. 

I’ve also used Roma tomatoes, although they are usually pretty tiny so you have to have several slices of them which can result in extra messiness. 

One overarching characteristic you should focus on no matter what tomato you might use, is to make sure it’s RIPE. And not like, overly ripe. You want it to still be firm on the outside (that way it’s not mealy on the inside) but juicy. 

What bread should I use? 

I will eat any bread, no matter what type it is! Depending on my mood, I prefer different breads for this sandwich. 

The classic/basic that I grew up with is plain ol’ white bread. The kind that when you slight squish some mayonnaise squeezes out – y’all know what I mean? 

loaf of wonder bread in packaging on marble board

However, I do enjoy a crusty french loaf toasted. You can also do whole grain, sprouted, whatever you might have on hand. 

Toasted vs. untoasted – it’s totally up to you! I think if you want to make it feel a bit more elevated, toast it. If you’re looking for a quick sandwich to eat while sitting on the front porch outside, you don’t have to bother toasting it!

two pieces of freshly golden pieces of toasted bread on white plate

I think if I had to choose, I would choose toasted because I think when it’s toasted it’s able to better stand up to the extra juicy tomatoes. Plus how can you beat perfectly golden/toasted white bread?!

What’s the best mayonnaise? 

I have no multiple options for this – only one option. Duke’s Mayonnaise hands down. 

Duke's mayonnaise

It’s the creamiest, most delicious mayonnaise you will find. And you must try it! (And no, this isn’t sponsored lol, I’ve just been eating this mayonnaise since I was old enough to eat! Ha!) 

Ways to Make it *Extra* Fancy

I like switching it up with different types of artisan bread – like a jalapeno cheddar loaf or rosemary loaf. 

If you do decide to toast your bread, try putting a slice of your favorite cheese and toasting it with it. Cheesy + tomato = YUM. I like pepper jack cheese the most! 

bite taken out of tomato sandwich on plate

Make sure to serve it with something delicious like kettle jalapeno chips or freshly baked garlic herb french fries

Enjoy it with someone you love and relish every single delicious, juicy, messy creamy bite! XO – Haylie 

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Simple Tomato Sandwich

This Simple Tomato Sandwich is the epitome of Summer food! Loaded on a delicious crusty bread, smothered in mayonnaise and topped with juicy slices of seasonal tomatoes, you won’t be able to have just one!

Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Keyword simple tomato sandwich, southern tomato sandwich, tomato sandwich
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 person
Author Haylie


  • 2 slices bread (I used Wonder bread)
  • 2 thick slices tomato (I used a "Better Boy" beefsteak type of tomato) - make sure your tomato is ripe but firm!
  • 2 tbsp Duke's mayonnaise (divided between the 2 slices of bread)
  • 1/4 tsp cracked black pepper (divided between 2 slices of bread)
  • 1/8 tsp salt (divided between the 2 slices of bread - use a pinch extra to salt the tomatoes!)


  1. Toast the 2 slices of bread to golden perfection. Slather 1 tbsp of mayonnaise on BOTH slices of bread. Feel free to add extra mayo if you want it even creamier!

  2. Divide 1/4 tsp freshly ground pepper between the 2 slices of bread and sprinkle it on top of the mayonnaise

  3. Divide the 1/8 tsp of salt between the 2 slices of bread and sprinkle it on top of the mayonnaise.

  4. Slice 2 thick slices of a ripe but firm tomato. Add the slices on to one side of the sandwich. Add an extra pinch of salt to the top of the tomatoes.

  5. Carefully place the 2 slices of bread together and enjoy! Serve with kettle chips!

Recipe Notes

If you have any questions on which type of tomato, bread or mayonnaise to use, refer to the blog post above 🙂 

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