Welcome to the Our Balanced Bowl Travel page! Or should I just call it Our Balanced Travel? Has a nice ring to it, yeah? 

City of Paris from the Arc De Triomphe

My husband Ben and I LOVE to travel. Fun fact – I actually didn’t step foot on an airplane until I was 22 years old – and it was a Red Eye flight from NYC to London – talk about stepping out of your comfort zone! Ha! 

Since we have met, we have traveled near and far – everywhere from as close as Virginia all the way to Paris! 

Some of our favorites have included: 

Mexico City! We had a blast eating all of the street food (seriously, so many tacos), climbing Teotihuacan and trying Mezcal for the first time. 

Tacos in Mexico City.

The people were so kind, the culture was amazing and we can’t wait to go back. We are currently learning Spanish from our friend who is a Colombian native to try and better prepare ourselves for the next time we visit! 

Ben and Haylie in front of Teotihuacan

Another favorite? London! 

How could I not include this iconic city? From Big Ben, Tower Bridge and my favorite place…Sky Garden (Ben proposed there!), it’s such a romantic city. 

Ben and Haylie on Primrose Hill in London

Dark and moody pubs abound, fresh markets and delicious food seem to be everywhere and hello! British accents!

Tea Time in London

We have been fortunate enough to visit London twice and hope to go again in the future!

Lastly, our most recent destination was PARIS! 

I mean, oh my goodness. How can you top what is known as the most romantic city in the world?! It truly was so lovely – seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time was a dream and eating 2 baguettes daily basically made my life complete.

Ben and Haylie in front of the Eiffel Tower.

You can find our Youtube channel where my amazing husband has put together our travel vlogs HERE

In the meantime..our next trip is domestic! We are taking a 2 week trip out West to visit tons of National Parks and we couldn’t be more excited. Follow along with us on my Instagram account HERE!

Let me know if you have any travel questions! I’m always happy to tell my favorite restaurants, best travel tips or whatever you might need! XO – Haylie 

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