July Reflections

sunset on the river

Can you believe it’s already August? Oh my goodness – let’s get into all that happened in July!

Wow, you guys. This year is more than halfway over. I can’t even fathom that, can y’all?!

In a way, I’m more than glad because let’s be honest, this year has been unprecedented to say the least. But, I have to say, I’m still hopeful for things to come. For maybe things to be okay again in this ever changing world. Anyone else feel that way? 

coffee cup with a mountain view

One thing I’m so glad that I’ve had as a strong foundation this year so far has been my relationship with the Lord! Being able to read my Bible, still being able to do church online, do studies with my husband…it’s been the one sense of normalcy that I’ve kept which I’m so glad!

Anyway – let’s get into what happened in July! 

Mountain Vacation

If you know me, you know that I hail from a small mountain town in North Carolina so I’ve always preferred the mountains to the beach. 

Ben and I with the mountains as a backdrop

My husband’s family does an annual cabin vacation each year where we rent a huge cabin and all stay together for a week. Although this year looked a little bit different, we still trekked on! Masks were worn, distance was kept but overall, it was a blast! 

Ben holding Charlie

We went to Mercier Orchards, which is this HUGE gorgeous orchard that spans all across the hilltops. The country store inside was so cute and they sold the BEST fried hand pies. I wanted a peach one but sadly they were out so we got strawberry instead. It was gooey and delicious! Highly recommend. 

gooey strawberry hand pie

Ben and I had a date day to ourselves and went chasing waterfalls! Jk, but we did hike to a beautiful waterfall! It was a little scary because it had rained and the terrain was slick BUT we made it!


It was breathtaking and such a fun time to be out in nature. Feeling the wind blow through my hair, the sun shine on my face is a sure way to get me in a better mood! 

My sister in law, Elisa and I, also made our annual low country boil recipe!! It was SO delicious – we had bowls of melted butter, spicy potatoes, corn, sausage shrimp, bread….oh man, just thinking of it makes me hungry!! 

low country boil

We also got to spend some precious time with our nieces, who we love SO much!!

me and emma selfie smiling

They truly bring so much joy into our lives so we were so happy to be able to spend an entire week with them. 

Times at Home 

Aside from the cabin vacation, it seems like our July has been mostly spent at home. We both work from home (thankfully) and spend our weekends here as well. 

There have been a lot of sweet moments in this strange time – like sipping a glass of wine on our front porch together or playing the same board game for the hundredth time or even working together to make sure that the kitchen stays clean before we go to bed at night. 

sunshine on wooden floors in our home

I think in this season, I’m trying to make sure that I remember it. Yes, it’s a hard season. Yes, it’s a strange season. But I don’t want to wish my time away – I want to be here. In this moment. In this time – and choose to embrace it. 

Summer Recipe Favorites

Of course I couldn’t end this without telling y’all some of the things I’ve been eating/loving lately…

Shrimp and Street Corn Tacos – these are just the BEST! So summery, fresh and delicious! 

Gooey S’mores Brownies – fudgy, decadent with a graham cracker crust. My friend Stephanie nailed it with this recipe and I’m obsessed! 

Peach Thyme Spritzer – you can’t have Summer without fresh peaches! This drink is AMAZING. 

And if you’ve made it this far – I commend you! Thanks for reading all of my ramblings and for being here. I love y’all. Hope you’re all hanging in there and enjoying the last bit of Summer. Until next month! – Haylie 

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  1. Loved reading this Haylie and how you and Ben have found sweet moments in this strange year! I agree with you about how time spent with our Lord and worshiping Him gives us such a sense of much needed normalcy. He is good and unchanging. Your trip to the mountains sounds like a breath of fresh air!

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Ines! You made my day with your comment. <3 He is good and always unchanging (So so thankful for that characteristic of His!) I miss seeing you and your family!

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