Valentine’s Day Q+A and Our Menu!

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Happy love day you guysssss! <3 Today I’ll be sharing a fun Valentine’s Day Q+A and our menu!

If you were like me prior to meeting my husband, I’d be saying “Wah wah wahhhhh.” But really, before I met Ben, I hated Valentine’s Day. The constant marketing by every single store I went into reminded me how I didn’t have anyone. In reality, my sweet Mom always bought me Valentine’s gift. Thanks mama <3

I ended up treating myself as well during my single V-Day years and it always turned out wonderful. But I won’t lie when I say that I do really love having my husband to curl up to and look at with big puppy eyes. I love him more than life itself. Yup, I’m one of those crazy girls. #notsorry

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To celebrate this year and finally having the blog up and running, I wanted to do a Q+A on the blog! This should be fun. I got a lot of the questions from here if you want to do it with your significant other! It reminded me of those MySpace/Facebook quizzes I used to do when I was like, 12. If you want to know even more about us or how we met, click here.


  1. How long have you been together?

H: I think our first official date was on May 1st of 2015. Of course we weren’t “FB official” until mid summer. So going on 3 years! Yes, I still remember the exact date. I am a girl after all.

B: Sometimes it feels like we just met, and sometimes it feels like we’ve been together for about three years in July.

2. Who said I love you first?

H: Benjamin did. Such a lovely moment. There was some type of parade going on downtown, so we found this secluded back alley and it was lightly raining and he said it. I was ecstatic. After that, we just kept saying it.

B: I said it first! The rain had just stopped and we were walking down a back alley in downtown West Jefferson. I stopped her down the middle of the alley and put my arms around her and told her how I felt.

3. Who is grumpier in the mornings?

H: Me. Hands down.

B: Before coffee, definitely Haylie. After coffee, still Haylie. After breakfast, no one is grumpy.

4. Who is the biggest bed hog?

H: Benjamin! Or rather, he’s the biggest cover hog.

B: Haylie is the bed hog, I am the cover hog (according to Haylie). There are times when I am laying completely straight, with inches of bed on one side and my darling wife inches away on the other. LML (love my life)

5. Who does the dishes?

H: All of the chores we do are 50/50. Always a team effort!

B: It’s probably like 60/40 me. Especially since Haylie manages to leave food on the plates…

6. Where is the location of your most memorable kiss?

H: I have two. One, on top of Sky Garden in London after Ben proposed! We were overlooking the whole city and then we got champagne to celebrate! The second, is of course at Walnut Lane Bed and Breakfast where we got married.

B: Probably when we got engaged in London. We were on top of 20 Fenchurch in London, in the Sky Garden. A nervous Ben and clueless Haylie went up to the tip-top observation deck over all of London, on top of the world, really. I asked the question and she said YES! The next kiss was a combination of endorphins, serotonin, and adrenaline.

7. Favorite feature of each other?

H: His entire face. Seriously! His smile, eyes and hair. But seriously, I love that Ben is a dreamer. He inspires me to dream big too.

B: My favorite feature is how we so often compliment each other. Each has a strength where the other is weak. Our only vice: hitting the snooze and snuggling in the morning. It’s such a wonderful time, why get up when you can snuggle?

8. Favorite nickname for each other?

H: Chubby Bear! (weird, I know. #marriage)

B: Benlie is our couple name (though there is some argument that it’s Baylie in certain parts of Europe). For each other, we have all sorts of nicknames, but they do come and go. The longest running is Lil’ Bunny and Chubby Bear. I’ll let you guess who is who. I do love giving Haylie the worst nicknames though; the most recent one is Stinky.

9. How would you spend 1 million dollars?

H: I would put most of it in the bank. Not before buying a tesla and moving to Spain for at least six months.

B: First, knowing Haylie (and me now that we’ve been together. See? There’s those complimenting features again), it’d be pay off my student loans. Following that, some investment in real estate and then TRAVELING BABY.

10. What do you do to make each other feel most loved?

H: Benjamin always makes me feel loved when he plays with my hair and holds me. Or when he obliges and dances with me in the kitchen while we are making dinner.

B: I love when we kiss that you have to stand on your tiptoes. I think that’s adorable. I also feel loved when we’re just goofy and silly together.

11. Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

H: Hopefully just buying our second home after returning from traveling in Europe. Maybe thinking about having babies. Still crazy in love.

B: In 5 years, I think probably Raleigh somewhere, having just returned from an extended stay in Spain.

12. What is your favorite recipe your partner has ever cooked you?

H: Ben makes a mean omelet. But, if I had to choose my favorite, it would be my Black Bean Burgers! He makes them better than me!

B: Oh gosh, that’s a tough one. My favorite recipe has to be biscuits and gravy. They taste delicious but I also know that Haylie likes making it.

As far as our menu for Valentine’s Day goes…here is what we have eaten so far today!

6:30 AM – Ben made me breakfast! A sausage and cheese omelette topped with my homemade salsa with half of a honeycrisp apple. Plus coffee with the GOOD heavy whipping cream <3

10:30 AM – We had a “brunch” of sorts. My mother in law brought us cinnamon rolls for V-Day so we popped those babies in the oven and BOY were they good. A little underbaked so they were extra doughy and delicious!

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12 PM – just lightly snacking for lunch today to make tons of room for tonight’s feast!

6 PM – We have the greatest Valentine’s tradition and that’s STAYING AT HOME! We still get dressed up..but instead of going out, we stay in and make a dinner. We always make steak, roasted garlic mashed potatoes and homemade mac and cheese. That was the first Valentine’s meal I ever cooked Benjamin and it has stuck it out all these years. Oh, and there will also be a bottle of dry red wine. And some chocolate for dessert.

Today is a day where I don’t even care about calories/balance. It’s a wonderful day. I love my life and my husband!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day whether you’re single or in a relationship. If you’re single, TREAT YO SELF. If you’re in a relationship, TREAT THE OTHER PERSON! Haha, either way – make sure to eat lots of chocolate!

Until next time,


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