What I Eat In A Day!

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Hello, friends! Welcome to another #loveyourbalance post. As I was pondering on what I wanted to write about this week, the idea of just me simply showing you What I Eat in a Day came up. With all of the social media, people snapping pictures of every single thing they eat…I felt like it was only appropriate.

I think I started enjoying seeing what people ate probably around 3-4 years ago on Youtube. All of my favorite Youtube channel vloggers would post videos on what they ate in a day. I loved seeing the videos and it gave me major inspiration on cooking!

I’m saying all of this as a bit of a disclaimer : this post is NOT saying that you should eat exactly what I eat every single day. In fact, everything you see in this post isn’t what I eat EVERY DAY. It’s just what I ate TODAY. With that being said, I encourage you to potentially try some of the things in this post … because believe me, they’re delicious!

6:30 AM-ish. First, I drink a lot of water. Ben got me this AMAZING water bottle for Christmas that I’m obsessed with. It’s a white marble Healthy Human bottle and I’m in love with it. Pro-tip: Get a cute water bottle! Makes drinking it more fun 😉

what i eat in a day water bottle shot

I’ve never been one of those people who can just skip breakfast. Like, food is basically the first thing I think about when I wake up. So…it usually doesn’t take long for me to start cooking.

Now – I will make a remark on my disclaimer above – I DO eat eggs everyday for breakfast. They’re a great source of protein, low carb, and they keep me full and my belly happy.

8 AM. This morning was no different. I made us a 4 egg omelette with a pinch of cheese. We split it. And topped it with the most amazing homemade salsa. Ben and I have been low-key obsessed with this salsa. We have made it 4 times since I posted the recipe last week. Including making a big batch of it last night with dinner…and eating the ENTIRE thing. Hey, it’s all veggies, right? So we good.

what i eat in a day omelette on a plate

To carb up this breakfast a little bit – I also had a piece of sprouted whole grain toast. Sprouted bread is so good for you. It makes it easier to digest! If I’m eating bread in the morning, I usually like to put avocado and a fried egg on it. This morning, I wanted something a little more plain. I spread some butter on it, sprinkled some cinnamon and added just a drizzle of honey. Simple but so delicious!

what i eat in a day sprouted toast with cinnamon and honey

OH, and how could I forget about one of my favorite things about breakfast?! Coffee <3 We usually drink it black but we got a coupon for that super processed but delicious creamer (I think the flavor is Salted Caramel?) and we have been using that for now. #balance.

what i eat in a day coffee with milk

P.S. I love this mug. They’re actually a set. The other one has Han Solo on it with the words “I know.” I bought them for Benjamin and I in our early stages of dating and they mean a lot to me. #HanandLeia4ever


what i eat in a day coffee cup princess leia

10 AM. Now it’s time to do some recipe testing! I’ve been wanting to make something sweet for Valentine’s Day for the blog. But, y’all, I won’t lie. I’m not a good baker. I can follow a recipe and make it GREAT…but when it comes to baking, it’s very hard for me to make a recipe from scratch. BUT..this time, I tried. It is a Valentine’s Day recipe, after all. DO IT FOR LOVEEEEE. These are peanut butter brownies. This is the dough. And since I’m being completely transparent on this post, I just had to let you know that I ate probably at least a tablespoon of this dough. But how can you resist dough?! I considered this my morning “snack”.

what i eat in a day brownie batter mix

Anywho, these babes are filled with chunks of chocolate chips and chopped peanut butter cups. They turned out edible! Score! Super moist but more cakey than oooey gooey fudgey like I wanted. I may try to make these again…if not, I have some other sweet ideas up my sleeve. I know that Ben will scarf these down anyway so it wasn’t a complete loss!

what i eat in a day peanut butter brownies

12:30 PM. Time for lunch! Today, I used some leftovers to make a big ol’ salad. We have been slacking on our intake of greens so this was perfect for us! I also added a side of mixed potatoes. (AKA sweet potato and a russet potato). Something about having a side of fries makes eating a salad much more do-able. With this salad, i tossed about half the bag of greens with the remainder of my avocado cream sauce from my enchilada recipe.

what i eat in a day side salad

For the fries, I cut them into wedges, tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper and garlic powder and baked them at 400 for about 30 minutes or so, flipping halfway. It was a super satisfying meal.

what i eat in a day potatoes

3:00 PM. Next, my afternoon tea! AKA my pick me up. Even though usually it’s just herbal tea. Something about hot beverages, man. They get me every time. Lately, it’s been this amazing mint tea that my mother in law brought me from London! It’s so lovely! We never sweeten our tea – I like the flavor as is! Sadly we are almost out. Savoring every drop.

what i eat in a day hot tea

6:00 PM. For dinner, we used some leftover carnita meat we used for tacos last night and making them into burrito bowls! In this bowl, you will find black beans, some cheese, sour cream, salsa, some homemade pico de gallo, red onion and carnita meat! IT WAS SO YUMMY AND FULL OF FLAVOR.

what i eat in a day burrito bowl

And that’s it! I usually have a cup of Sleepytime tea before bed as we watch TV. Currently binging The Handmaid’s Tale and IT’S SO GOOD. I picked up the book at the library yesterday and I’m excited to read it.

The point of this post is just to remind you that you DON’T have to have a calorie tracker or track your every morsel of food in a fitness app. It’s okay that I ate some brownie dough or went a little over my recommended calorie intake. This is your life – YOU control it. Not food.

Love you guys!


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