Chicken Pot Pie Gnocchi Soup

overheat shot of garnished bowl of soup

This Chicken Pot Pie Gnocchi Soup is seriously delicious! Loaded with pillowy soft potato gnocchi and classic chicken pot pie flavors, this soup combines the best of both worlds and is perfect when served with warm bread!

Oh February, you seem so long! I don’t know about y’all but when we get to February I am *so* ready for Spring to be here already! It seems like the longest month ever. 

Oh, especially when you add in the fact that I’m writing this in anticipation of our baby boy being born! Ha! Spoiler alert: he was born and is wonderful.

But there are a few things that make Winter not too bad…first of all, citrus season.

close up of one side of garnished bowl of soup

And second (and probably most importantly…), SOUP SEASON. Oh yes. The best. 

There is nothing like cozying up under your blanket with a big bowl of hot soup that has been simmering on the stove for the last few hours. And this Chicken Pot Pie Gnocchi Soup will 100% fit the bill for your soup craving in this last month of Winter. 

Why You’ll Love This Soup: 

I think almost everyone loves chicken pot pie. It’s a classic for a reason. So why not make it into soup and add in gnocchi?! 

I love that you have the classic base of the pot pie – the mixed veggies, the savoriness from the chicken broth but the creaminess from half and half…all combined together. 

And you could probably stop there and call it a day but why not add in those pillowy soft delightful gnocchi! 

I think the gnocchi adds the starch that you really need to thicken up the soup naturally – they are SO good. I love the texture of them! Each bite is amazing. 

side view of garnished bowl of soup with bread in the background

I love how this soup isn’t overly creamy – to me, it’s truly the perfect combination of creamy and savory. 

Another fun hack about this soup? You can always use shredded leftover rotisserie chicken if you are trying to save time! 

I love serving this with really warm crusty bread and butter. It’s a hit every time! So let’s get into what you need to make it 🙂 

Ingredients You Need: 

  • Chicken thighs 
  • Potato gnocchi 
  • Yellow onion 
  • Fresh garlic 
  • Frozen mixed vegetables (peas, carrots and green beans work!) 
  • Chicken broth
  • Half and half 
  • Salt and pepper to taste 
  • Italian seasoning 
  • Olive oil 
  • Fresh thyme to garnish 

Best Soup Making Tips: 

Let’s get started on this soup, shall we? 

Begin by dicing up those veggies! Dice the yellow onion as well as mince the garlic. Set those aside for now. 

In a large pot, add a splash of olive oil and let it warm up on medium heat. 

Once the pot is hot – add in the chicken thighs! Add a HUGE pinch of salt as well for seasoning and let these cook – about 3-4 minutes on each side of the thighs until they are caramelized and fully done 🙂 If you have a meat thermometer, be sure to check! 

Once the chicken thighs are done, remove from the pot and set them on a plate. Take the time to quickly shred or dice up the chicken. 

overhead shot of bread being dipped in bowl of soup

To the pan, add in the onions as well as another pinch of salt – if you need more oil, add in a splash! Stir and cook these for 3-4 minutes as well until they become translucent. 

Add in the garlic and Italian seasoning and let cook until the garlic is fragrant – about 1 minute. And now it’s time for flavor town aka deglazing the pan with chicken broth! YUM. 

Add the chicken broth directly into the pot with the veggies and using a wooden spoon, be sure you get all of the bits of flavor off of the bottom of the pot. 

Turn up the heat to medium/high and then let it come to a soft boil. Add in the gnocchi, stir and then let the gnocchi cook for 3-4 minutes, or until they begin floating to the top of the pot. I recommend setting a timer just in case 😉 

close up of spoonful of soup in bowl

Reduce the heat to medium/low once the gnocchi are cooked and then add the diced chicken back into the pot. 

Now it’s time to stir in the half and half as well as the frozen mixed veggies! 

Let the soup simmer low and slow uncovered for 10-15 minutes to warm and thicken the soup up. Note: You don’t want the half and half to boil because it could curdle. 

Once the soup has warmed and thickened up more, taste it. Adjust the seasoning if needed! Add more salt, italian seasoning, pepper etc. 

And then finally…time to ladle it up and serve! I loved garnishing mine with fresh thyme and extra cracked black pepper. 

side view shot of hand dipping bread into the bowl of soup

Highly recommend serving with bread. Or rolls. Or any type of carb. 

And enjoy every single bite!

Best Way to Store Leftover Soup: 

Store leftovers in a tightly sealed tupperware container in the fridge for up to 3 days. To eat your leftovers, simply reheat the soup to your liking – whether it be in a pot or a bowl in the microwave. Enjoy! 

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Chicken Pot Pie Gnocchi Soup

This Chicken Pot Pie Gnocchi Soup is seriously delicious! Loaded with pillowy soft potato gnocchi and classic chicken pot pie flavors, this soup combines the best of both worlds and is perfect when served with warm bread!

Course dinner, Main Course, Soup
Cuisine American
Keyword chicken pot pie gnocchi soup, creamy gnocchi soup
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 4 people


  • 1 yellow onion, diced 
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced 
  • 1 and 1/2 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs
  • 1 lb potato gnocchi
  • 4 cups chicken broth
  • 2 cups half and half
  • 12 oz. bag mixed frozen vegetables (peas, corn carrots etc.)
  • 1 tsp Italian seasoning (or mixture of oregano and thyme)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • red pepper flakes, crusty bread and fresh thyme to garnish


  1. Dice the onions into small bite size pieces and mince the garlic. Set aside for now.

  2. Add 1 tbsp olive oil to dutch oven or large pot and place on medium heat.

  3. Add in the chicken thighs along with a large pinch of salt. Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side until they're caramelized - flip and repeat until both sides are equally browned and cooked at an internal temperature of 165 F. Once done and cooked fully, remove from the pot onto a plate and set aside.

  4. Take the time to quickly shred/dice the chicken.

  5. To the pot, add in the diced onions and a pinch of salt (add more olive oil if needed!). Stir and cook for 3-4 minutes or until they become translucent. Add in the garlic and the Italian seasoning and cook for 1 more minute.

  6. To the pot, add in chicken broth and then deglaze pan, making sure to scrape the bits of flavor from the bottom with a wooden spoon.

  7. Turn heat up to medium/high and let the broth come to a boil. Add in the potato gnocchi, stir gently and then reduce the heat to simmer.

  8. Let this cook for 3-4 minutes or until the gnocchi begin to start floating to the top (I recommend setting a timer!)

  9. Turn down the heat to low/medium once the gnocchi is cooked.

  10. Add back in the cooked chicken. Next, add in the half and half and stir to combine. Lastly, add in the mixed frozen veggies as well as another large pinch of salt for seasoning.

  11. Let soup simmer on low/medium heat uncovered for 10-15 minutes or until it begins to thicken. (Make sure soup isn't boiling! You don't want the dairy to curdle!)

  12. Once the soup has thickened, taste and adjust for seasoning. Add more salt or Italian seasoning if needed. Serve with red pepper flakes, crusty bread and fresh oregano/thyme for garnish. Enjoy!


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