August Reflections

red flowers in mason jar sitting on a grey table.

Welcome to another #loveyourbalance Reflections post! How has August already come and gone?! Wow! Let’s get into it!

Wow – August 31st is already here?! Say what! Seriously, sometimes it feels like just yesterday it was February yet at the same time that feels like 6 years ago – ha!

Me and Ben in front of a taco truck.

I hope your end of Summer has gone well – I hope if you have kiddos doing virtual learning that it’s going well. Obviously Ben and I don’t have any kids at this moment, but I know many friends who are going through it as well as many friends who are teachers.

I think if anything, it shows us that navigating these times, no matter what role we might be in, is tough. So, let’s try and be kind as much as we can – we don’t know the battle someone might be going through!

Hello Fall!

I know for us September signifies the official beginning of Fall! My all time favorite season. And while I will fondly miss my sweet peaches and 95 degree days (jk, I won’t miss those), my heart belongs with the changing leaves and the cool morning breezes. Anyone else?!?

Okay, so I don’t mean to be like, *SUPER* basic but it’s been a hard year and I feel like if I want to make everything pumpkin spice flavored from here on out I should be able to without judgement, right?!! Ha!

hands holding a spicy pumpkin beer.

For the past few years, Ben and I have made a Fall bucket list which has always been something we look forward to. And while this year might be different, I still think it would be great to make one and get extra creative! Here is a bucket list that we did from a couple years ago in 2018 – that Fall we traveled to Mexico City! So fun! 

clipboard of 2018 Autumn Bucket List.

Do you guys have anything fun you’re planning this season? I think it would be fun to go apple picking, of course carve pumpkins, and perhaps bake something I never have before.

Home Renovations

Okay, so. We have lived in this house for 2 and a half years. It is a house from 1931 so while yes, it has its charm, it also has its quirks. And that’s putting it lightly! Ha!

But in all seriousness, I love our house and I’m so so thankful that God blessed us with it.

About a year ago, we ventured on the journey of scraping door frames and re-painting. This house has SO many layers of paint on the door frames that Benjamin has had to literally scrape every single layer off to get down to the wood.

I chose to do 2 paint colors for contrast trim/walls that my favorite home/interior designer blog, Chris Loves Julia, used – I’ll link their blog post here.

We spent this past weekend finally painting the frames/walls in the den and hallway. Boy, isn’t it the truth that every project you think is just going to take one day ends up taking WAAAAY more time than you imagine?! Here is a *during* photo, by the way.

Messy photo of house during renovation.

But also, isn’t it the truth that no matter how exhausted you are from working on it, the end result is always SO satisfying and WORTH IT. See photo below:

End result of den!

This just shows that despite what HGTV or the beloved Chip and Joanna might tell you, most home renovations aren’t done in 2 weeks. Ha! And that’s okay. Instagram puts so much pressure on us to have the “after” photo before the “before” photo – but truly, Working at your own pace, keeping up with a simple budget over a long period of time is okay! Just keep doing you!

Also, shout out to my amazing husband for always putting up with me when I want to do “projects”. I just love that contrast trim! 

Favorite Late Summer/Early Fall Recipes:

I’ve compiled a few of my favorite recipes that are still applicable for early September (hello zucchini) but also starting to slowly inch into Fall territory without stepping into full on casserole mode. I hope you enjoy them!

Chicken Sausage Potato and Kale Skillet
Loaded with super savory flavors, fully cooked chicken sausage and so simple, this is a no-brainer for an easy weeknight dinner at home!

The Best Stovetop Mac and Cheese
One of my all time favorite recipes on the blog that I just updated with new photos – creamy, cheesy, lusciously delicious all done in a pot on the stovetop. Need I say more?!

Coconut Chocolate Chunk Zucchini Bread
Put that end of season zucchini to good use in a sweet bread form! Loaded with chocolate chunks and coconut flakes – how can say no?

Charred Tomato and Zucchini Fettuccine with Bacon
A savory zucchini option that also includes pasta. And bacon. Yup!

Let me know what you’re most excited for about Fall! Doing any home renovations? Any recipes/songs/movies you’re loving? Thanks for reading, my friends! XO.

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