Second Trimester Recap

Haylie holding bump at the beach

Sharing all about my ups and downs in my 2nd trimester! 

Hey friends! Wow, as I’m writing this, I am 29 weeks pregnant. I truly can’t even FATHOM that! Update: as I’m editing this post – I’m now 31 weeks pregnant! OH MY GOODNESS.

In some ways it seems like it was just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of June. In other ways, it seems hard to remember what life was like before I was pregnant, haha!

bump shot in front of our house

Either way, here we are. Officially in the 3rd trimester. Almost 30 weeks. Counting down the days until our little baby boy comes! By the way, it’s like, less than 80 days. WHOA. 

So let’s get into what’s been going on these last fourteen or so weeks since we talked last!

Babymoon/Anniversary Trip 

Back at the beginning of October, Ben and I took a week long road trip up to New England for our early 5 year anniversary trip and our official “babymoon”!

At this point, I was 22 weeks pregnant and feeling great! I feel very fortunate that my energy came back in full force (for the most part!) during my second trimester. 

We drove a LOT – well, actually let me rephrase, Benjamin drove a LOT! Ha 😉 I was the best passenger, making sure everyone stayed hydrated, had lots of snacks and of course, there were many *many* bathroom breaks. 

We went to Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and New York – and many different states throughout (including Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia etc.) 

It was SO wonderful….I mean, I grew up in a mountain town so I know beautiful leaves but y’all – New England in the Fall is SOMETHING ELSE. The leaves were astoundingly beautiful. So vibrant, every color seemed different! 

A few of my favorites included: 

Potato donuts in Portland Maine at Holy Donut – specifically eating them fresh with hot coffee on a chilly Maine morning in our picturesque airbnb. 

donuts from Holy Donut

Exploring charming port towns in Massachusetts. 

Rockport, MA sign

Seeing lighthouses at both sunset and sunrise 

lighthouse sunrise

Hiking at Acadia National Park 

hiking at Acadia National Park

Trying my first ever lobster roll in Bar Harbor, Maine!

lobster roll in Bar Harbor

Strolling through Woodstock, NY and Sleepy Hollow, NY

Haylie in front of Sleepy Hollow statue

But most of all – my favorite was traveling one last time just the two of us with my favorite travel partner. Benjamin  is the person I love to experience new things most with – he’s so wonderful in so many ways and boy am I THANKFUL FOR THIS MAN! 

Haylie and Ben on the rocks at the coast in MA

He is so incredibly supportive, patient, sweet, kind….oh and one of my FAVORITE moments on this trip? Ben got to feel our baby boy for the first time in my belly! So special! I cried lol. 

Decorating the Nursery

You guys remember in my first First Trimester recap that our goal was to decorate our nursery by Thanksgiving to be able to enjoy the holiday season. 

And so….yes, we have already made 2 trips to IKEA. And bought many things off of Amazon. And great news! We are *almost* done. 

We finally have everything up on the walls (we are very indecisive lol) and we have big furniture items.

Our baby shower isn’t until January so if we do get more gifts, we will have time during that last month to get everything ready. Nesting is REAL, y’all. 

Ben putting together crib

Shoutout to Benjamin for putting all of the furniture together! You are already the best Dad!

I find myself just going into the nursery and sitting and rocking in the chair. It just makes me feel close to him. I can’t wait to be able to rock him in the chair :’) 

Keep a look out for mid-January where I am going to photograph the nursery and do the big reveal! Yessss!

I can’t wait to share this special project with you all – Ben and I have really poured our love into it.

New Symptoms? 

As I mentioned above, the second trimester really brought upon more energy, thank The LORD! 

Y’all know how tiring the first trimester can be so I was so happy to be able to feel more like “myself” again.

Some new symptoms include: 

  • Pelvic floor pain (ouch)
  • Round ligament pain 
  • Occasional heartburn 
  • Peeing 5 million times a day

Ha! Yup, that’s about it. Although let’s be honest, there are days when those first trimester symptoms can sneak up randomly. Or I’ll just get nauseated quickly for no reason. You know, those fun things! 

But overall, I’m SO thankful for how my 2nd trimester has gone. It has really made me just be able to sit back and marvel at God’s creation. The way my body is changing daily is just absolutely incredible! God is truly AMAZING. 

I mean…look at this: Here I was at 18 weeks. Barely even showing! 

Haylie bump at 18 weeks

And just 2 months later…POP! Baby boy is bumping! 

Haylie bump shot at 28 weeks

I feel so grateful for this miracle that is happening in my body every single day. 

Any Crazy Cravings? 

Still nothing too crazy! Although something funny did happen several weeks ago. I was in the shower, washing my hair with this new coconut hair mask, and all of the sudden I was craving Girl Scout Caramel Delite cookies! LOL! I guess it was the smell of the coconut. SO funny. 

But overall, still craving anything and everything salty over here! Gimme the jalapeno kettle chips, the pickles, the hot sauce…I want it all! Oh, and a side of TUMS please and thank you. 

Also, this Merry Mocktail from Pinch of Yum has been SO lovely to drink during the holidays. Highly recommend!

How I’m Feeling Now: 

I am still all in my feels. First off, I can’t believe I am this far along in my pregnancy! Ah! 

Ben and I are feeling excited, happy, nervous, scared, can’t even believe our lives are about to change forever!

Ben and Haylie together on Halloween

We read a book to the baby every night and it warms my heart hearing Benjamin talk to him and see the baby literally move in my stomach in response to his voice. SO special and sweet. 

Ben's hand on Haylie's belly at Christmas

I am constantly imagining what he is going to look like, who he is going to be….and I just pray that He will grow to love the Lord most of all. 

I can’t wait to continue sharing our journey with you all – thank you for all of your support, sweet messages, prayers….all of the things!

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Talk soon! XO -Haylie 

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