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Ben and Haylie maternity pic with ben laying head on Haylie's stomach

Today I’m finally sharing our baby boy’s nursery with y’all!

Happy February, my friends. AKA Happy Baby month for us! 

Oh my goodness. I seriously can’t even believe that I’m writing that. It seems like just yesterday that I was finishing up my 1st Trimester Recap and now we are literally just a couple weeks away from meeting our first baby boy.

My heart is jumping for joy, leaping with fear and anticipation, worry from the unknown and huge life change that’s about to happen but I am SO excited to finally be able to hold my baby in my arms. 

Today I wanted to show you our *mostly* finished nursery. 

lion and lamb in crib

I say mostly finished because like most things in life, everything is a work in progress. I do love how it turned out overall and I can’t wait to share the meaning behind each piece of art and why we chose to decorate the way that we did. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it! 

Nursery Inspiration/Theme:

Immediately when we found out we were having a boy – almost everyone continually asked the same question: “What’s your nursery theme?” 

And I found that question super hard to answer! I didn’t really have a theme in mind. I just wanted to decorate the nursery the way I wanted without having to stick to a specific theme like woodland or dinosaurs. 

picture of window with curtains in nursery

I will say that one theme I did want to showcase was how the Lord is our Shepherd (read more about that below)!

Art Work: 

Let’s talk about art on the walls! We just bought this house less than a year ago and it was completely renovated. Fresh paint, fresh walls…everything. So we knew that we didn’t want to make a commitment to putting nails in the walls unless it was something that we REALLY loved. 

Months before I even found out I was pregnant, I had purchased a piece of art on sale at Hobby Lobby that I knew I would eventually want to hang in our nursery. It really represented something that is super important to me – The Lord being our Shepherd. Here it is: 

sheep in pasture artwork on wall

Isn’t it just beautiful? I couldn’t believe I found it at Hobby Lobby – and on sale for $6! Yes please! 

This photo laid the foundation for a few other pieces in the room as well as our baby boy’s name.

Speaking of The Lord being our Shepherd….for Christmas, my Mom got us this amazing print framed for the nursery. I love this image – goodness, it could almost bring tears to my eyes thinking how The Lord cares for us as his lambs. 

nightstand with globe and art work on top

It reminds me of one of my favorite Bible verses: 

“He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.” Isaiah 40:11

It is our main hope that our baby boy realizes how in need he is of our Faithful Shepherd who will carry him like a lamb throughout his life. 

We decided to also put up this map that I bought Ben for Christmas a couple years back. It’s a vintage map of Yellowstone and we loved the colors and thought it would just go perfectly with the vibe of the room. It’s also our hope that our baby loves to travel! Hence the globe as well. 

gold lamp with white shade, rocking chair and yellowstone map on wall

Speaking of that globe, isn’t it awesome? I bought that probably 10 years ago at a yard sale for like, $2 and I am still just obsessed over it. 

2 last things – this beautiful hand painted watercolor painting that my mother in love got us for our baby shower from Etsy. If you know me, you know I love C.S. Lewis and everything Chronicles of Narnia – so I love thinking how yes, the Lord is our gentle and faithful Shepherd. He is also a powerful, roaring lion that will leap to our rescue. 

bookshelf with art print, basket with swaddles

And the little Willow Tree Mom, Dad and Baby figurine is so precious to me. My 83 year old Granny bought that for us and when I opened it, I cried. So sweet! 


Ben and I both are very much minimalists – especially considering like I said, our house was newly renovated when we bought it and we didn’t want to add too many holes in the walls. 

I think that this room really represents BOTH of our styles. It is neutral but has many masculine touches like the leather pulls on the dresser, the rust color of the curtains. 

IKEA dresser, laundry hamper, changing pad and wooden mirror on wall

I would love to be able to hang some things above his crib like a cute little mini bookshelf and display some of my favorite books but we felt weird about hanging too many things above his crib at first. Maybe it’s the first time mom fear in me, ha! I worry about it falling! 

I guess that’s why I said above that this nursery is certainly a work in progress and will change overtime.

All the Books:

One thing that Ben and I both knew that we wanted for the nursery was a LARGE bookshelf. We are both avid readers and hope that our baby loves to read/be read to as well! 

In fact, Ben has read to him most nights in the womb before we go to sleep. He loves it and is very active each time! 

IKEA bookshelf with chair as well

We got this really nice bookshelf at IKEA – it’s pure wood which is what we wanted and it’s big so he is able to grow with it. 

close up of sweet books

The bottom shelves are filled with mostly children’s books and the middle shelf with chapter books that he won’t read for many years but we hope that he does eventually 🙂 

The bookshelf itself is very high quality. 

And well…that’s about it for now! 

A few things you might have questions about: 

Yes, we did decide on a rocking chair instead of a glider. I’m incredibly sensitive to sounds/creaks and I worried about creaking sounds when there were so many conflicting reviews on the gliders. So far I really love the rocking chair – I will let you know how it goes when he is here! Ha 😉 

We wanted a lightly stained wooden crib to match the color of the room (which is also the color of the rest of our house) and I really love the one we ended up with! 

crib in corner of nursery

We bought the dresser, nightstand and bookshelf from IKEA. In my opinion, they are top quality – wooden furniture for an affordable price! I’m glad that we ended up getting him a set of items. I hope that he will be able to use this bedroom set for a very long time! 

Yes, we do have a play gym, a bouncer and a swing. They are currently all in our living room. We also have a bassinet that will go in our room as well as a sweet little Moses basket. 

Below I will link the items that we used (none are affiliate links) and you can look through yourself if you are decorating your nursery!

Thanks for taking the time to read this – check out this Reel/video I took of the nursery over on my Instagram account 🙂 We can’t wait for our baby boy to be here!

Nursery Links:

Sharing some of the links to the exact items you see in the blog post here. Ben and I are so blessed and grateful that many of these items were generously purchased as gifts for us for our new baby 🙂 We did splurge on a few items (hello, it’s our first baby after all!) but we hope to keep them for future children (Lord willing!) 🙂 Enjoy! 

Crib (which is sadly out of stock, but I included it just in case you wanted some inspo)!

Rocking Chair

Curtains (We got the gold brown color)

Snuggle Me Organic (in the color gingerbread)

Snuggle Me Organic Dupe Cover from Amazon (in the color clay)

IKEA Dresser

IKEA Bookshelf 

IKEA Nightstand 

Leather Dresser Pulls

Round Wooden Mirror 

Changing Pad Cover (in Explore) 

Laundry Hamper – bought at yard sale 

Vintage globe – bought at yard sale 

Books on bookshelf – 95% thrifted


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