Maintaining a Lifestyle Change

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At first, I was going to title this “Maintaining my Current Weight.” My head immediately went to the scale and made me think…hmm, I wonder what my current weight is. I normally don’t weigh myself. In fact, when my husband bought a scale a little while ago for his work, I asked him to hide it from me. So instead, I decided to name this “Maintaining a Lifestyle Change.” Because that’s what I do.

I used to be obsessed with the scale. Every single day, right when I woke up, I would take off all of my clothes and weigh. And from the rest of the day, I based whatever number I saw on what I ate. If it was low, hey, maybe I could treat myself! If it was a higher number, no way – minimal calories ingested,

Thankfully, I know that the scale does not at all represent who I am – it doesn’t even represent my true body weight. Each scale varies, my water weight varies etc. No scale will be the same. And doctors scales….don’t even get me started on those! Ha.

But figuring out why that little number defines people’s choices, actions, and feelings sure is troubling to think about.

Why is it that a number defines who we are as people? Why isn’t more about how we treat others, our morals, values, beliefs, etc.?

Sorry, I’ll get off my soap box now but geez, it’s puzzling.

So many people assume that once they get down to their goal weight, they can go back to not exercising and eating whatever they want. That’s why I included “lifestyle change” in the title, y’all. What I do is not a diet. I changed my life completely and I haven’t turned back. Do I deprive myself? No way. I love what I eat. It’s delicious AND nutritious.

After restricting myself from specific foods for so long once I lost the weight, I had to realize that restriction = binging. And I was so tired of binging and feeling so low. And that was when I realized that diets don’t last. Diets are restricting, they make you hate your life and your food and they make you want pizza and chocolate all of the time.

With a lifestyle change, you get to decide! You can incorporate chocolate into your daily eating routine or pizza once a week. It’s a do-able, live-able change that makes you actually enjoy your life. And it makes others around you happier too!

I know y’all have probably heard this a million times..but I go by the 80/20 rule.

I eat “clean” for lack of better term for about 80 percent of the week. For me, this means: a ton of vegetables, fruits, beans, lean proteins, eggs, minimally processed foods that will keep me full and my taste buds satisfied. Take for example, my black bean burgers and sweet potato fries! We eat these once – sometimes twice a week! These are packed with amazing flavor, and when I eat it I feel like I’m indulging, but in reality, it’s all very minimal ingredients and real, whole foods.

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The 20 percent is qualified as the stuff that’s….well….not so good for me. For example, every Saturday night, Benjamin and I make a huge pizza together. We also split a bottle of red wine. See photos below for that good good.

maintaining a lifestyle change pizza photo

We always load it up with veggies galore! If we happen to go out to eat, instead of each getting an entree, we split one! We do it for our budget, but it also seriously helps on the calorie intake as well! You should try it next time you go out with your significant other. The wait staff will usually always split it on separate plates for you!

maintaining a lifestyle change burger and fries photo

But I don’t always only use my 20% on the weekends! During the week, if I’m craving cookies (which I am about 9 times out of 10), I will make myself cookies! Sometimes “healthier” versions and sometimes they’re the amazing delicious buttery so bad for you but so good for your soul cookies.

This is the only way I’m able to maintain my lifestyle change – is going by the 80/20 rule.

Since 2013, I went from my highest at 206 pounds, to 2014 at my lowest 115 pounds. Now, in 2018, I’m finally at a weight I’m very happy with. I’d say that my weight fluctuates around plus or minus 5 pounds. Which I’m completely fine with.

As cheesy as the 80/20 rule seems to some, it has been what has helped me maintain my weight loss. That balance of it all has made me realize that I can have treats and yummy food in my everyday life if that’s what I want.

You don’t have to restrict yourself from eating the things you love!

Remember this as you continue into the week, my friends. Love y’all!


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  1. First of all, I have to tell you how much I love you, and. You have always been beautiful no matter your weight! Secondly, I cannot begin to tell you what an inspiration you are to ME, as well as so many other people who battle this on a daily basis. I have been eating healthier and exercising for 3 weeks now. I don’t weigh because you’ve given me the insight that the number I see doesn’t dictate the person that I am. It will, only if I let it. I am beyond proud of you for opening up and sharing the journey you’ve had. YOU took control and realized you’re worth as a person. There were nights that you and I discussed this for hours and nothing I said could make it ok. You had to be strong enough to realize that we are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made and God knows exactly what He is doing. So, from my own experience, I like to contribute my 2 cents worth… To all of the Mama’s out there, be mindful of your words. Be careful when you look into the mirror, with your toddler standing by… I guarantee you that they will hear you when you stare at your reflection and say ” I’m so fat”… Instead, empower them. True beauty and health comes in ALL sizes.. and as I always told my sweet girl, Skinny doesn’t make pretty… ??❤️ Love you, baby!!

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