Lillian’s Birth Story

Ben, Haylie and Lillian on the day she was born

Sharing the birth story of our baby girl, Lillian!

Trigger Warning – This story does discuss blood, intense pain, childbirth, pushing, all the things…so if that is something that bothers you, I would recommend not continuing to read. Also, just know that I am not a medical professional – this is just my personal birth story that I wanted to share to be able to give God glory. Thanks for reading! 

Hi friends! Happy June. I hope you’re having a wonderful Summer so far. I’ve been spending the last 3 weeks in a newborn bliss bubble with the newest addition to our family, Lillian! 

Our daughter was born fast and furious, very similar to her brother Jack – here is his birth story if you want to freshen up on that…so I look forward to telling you all of the crazy details about it! 

Spoiler alert: from the first contraction to holding my baby girl in my arms, it was 1 hour and 20 minutes. WHEW! 

I knew that I wanted to try to do an unmedicated birth since I did one (unexpectedly!) with Jack. I prayed for a quick, complication free birth and God answered that prayer! 

Wednesday May 22nd – 38 weeks + 5 Days

So, at this point in my pregnancy, I was quite on edge. I had a midwife appointment the very same day that I gave birth to Jack (38+5 weeks) so I was wondering if I would go into labor! I hadn’t had any real signs yet. 

I will say, I was feeling quite miserable and ready for baby girl to be here! Being pregnant with a toddler is a whole different type of endurance that you have to get through. Plus I was feeling SO BIG and uncomfortable, haha! 

So, I got to go see my midwife, Amanda, who is just one of my favorite people. I hadn’t had my cervix checked at this point – I know a lot of people say that it doesn’t really give any indication of when labor is coming….but I really just wanted to know if my body was making ANY type of progress. 

Selfie bump pic in the mirror at home
One of my last bump pics!

So, Amanda checked me and lo and behold, I was already 3 CM dilated and 80% effaced. She said that baby was super low and my cervix felt ripe and ready – baby could come today or tomorrow, she said. 

WOW. I was shocked. Ben and I were both excited but nervous knowing that baby was going to come soon. 

So, we rush back home to relieve my mother in law from watching Jack and just kind of wait and see! 

2 Days Felt Like An Eternity…

So, when you are told that the baby might come, I immediately was on high alert for every little thing. Every twinge, every pain, every time I went to the bathroom I wondered….is this it?! 

It was especially bad at night. I woke up in the middle of the night in labor with Jack…so I thought for sure that would happen again with this baby! But each night I woke up, no contractions…so I’d just drift back to sleep. 

On Wednesday night (the same day i saw my midwife), I did lose some of my bloody show. 

The next morning on Thursday, I lost MORE of it…so I thought for sure that baby was coming ASAP. But still, I wasn’t even really having any Braxton Hicks contractions! 

Ben holding Lillian at the hospital
We made it through night one in the hospital! I clusterfed every hour on the hour, lol.

My doula recommended I try the Miles Circuit to see if that could kick start labor. 

So, we went curb walking, I sat in the correct positions to try and get baby to get in the optimal position for birth etc….and nothing! 

I went to bed Thursday night feeling defeated! Those two days waiting really felt like 2 weeks! 

Friday, May 24th

Friday morning rolled around and at this point, I was just really trying to surrender everything to The Lord and know that He was in control! 

A crazy fun prayer answered in this story is that from the beginning, I had prayed that baby would make it to full term – which is 39 weeks. I had Lillian when I was 39 weeks EXACTLY. How awesome is God?!

So, we went back to the park where I did some more curb walking as Ben and Jack ran around and played. 

We make it back home, have some lunch and then Jack went down for a nap. 

I did the 2nd part of the Miles Circuit – it’s called elevated left side laying – basically you prop yourself up on pillows on the bed and lay deeply on your left side to promote optimal positioning for labor. 

Lucky for me, this was a position I was comfortable in so I was able to drift off to sleep! 

2:48 PM

Suddenly, I woke up with pain. It wrapped around my back, lasted about 30 seconds or so and I had to breathe through it. 

I texted Ben (who was in the other room) immediately that I felt like I just had my first painful contraction. 

He rushed into the room and started rushing to get things going! My doula and midwife had told me that the first strong contraction I had, I had better get to the hospital ASAP based on my history. 

So he hopped in the shower quickly and we decided to just wait and see if I had another contraction since that one wasn’t super strong. 

Lo and behold, 10 minutes later, I had another contraction! Ben was out of the shower by then and during this contraction, I told him to call his mom and ask her to come over because the pain was pretty intense. 

We let our doula know about the contractions and we decided to see if I had one more contraction, especially since they were 10 minutes apart. 

Annnnndd…..I did. I had about 3 semi-strong contractions in 20 minutes over all. 

But I was still kind of in shock. I feel like I was so inside my own head that I didn’t believe I was in labor. 

So I told Ben that sometimes contractions can stop when you get up and move (at this point I had all of my contractions while laying down on the bed) so I wanted to get up and walk around before we made a final decision. 

So I stand up. And my water breaks!!!!!

3:15 PM 

So….yeah. I couldn’t believe that happened! It was actually one of my worst fears, my water breaking at home, because with Jack, my water broke the minute we got to the hospital and he was here very soon after. 

Keep in mind, we still had a 30 MINUTE DRIVE to the hospital!

I told Ben “I think my water just broke.” and I took another step and more water came out so yeah, we needed to leave ASAP. I didn’t even have time to change my clothes! 

We hopped in the car and thankfully Ben’s mom pulled up at the exact same time. We waved and off we went!

Car Ride to The Hospital – Will We Make It?! 

The car ride to the hospital was INTENSE. I was using a basic comb for pain management during contractions – which were now anywhere from 3-4 minutes apart. 

Ben was driving as quickly and efficiently as possible…but for 3 PM on a Friday, the traffic was ROUGH. 

I had on my worship playlist and was singing along when I could. 

Interestingly, I was able to not focus on the contractions as much because I was more focused on PRAYING we would make it to the hospital in time. I was already starting to feel “pushy” and was so scared we would have the baby in the car. 

Turns out, Lillian’s hand was in front of her face or else my midwife said she probably would’ve been born in the car. Wowzers! 

Ben was an absolute rockstar, holding my hand, reminding me to breathe through the contractions, telling me what a good job I was doing. He was amazing. 

I remember at one point he told me we had 12 minutes left and I said “I’m gonna need you to cut that time in half” LOL. But obviously that didn’t really happen. 

Thank the LORD we made it to the hospital – it was 3:45ish PM at this point. 

Made it to The Hospital: 3:45 PM! 

Thankfully this hospital has a valet service so we pulled right up to the entrance and the valet guy ran to get me a wheelchair. 

I sat in the wheelchair and Ben literally ran me back to triage to get checked in. 

Even though I did pre-register for my birth, they of course took *FOREVER* to verify my name, address etc. 

We were trying to communicate to them that I have a history of fast labors but it seemed like they weren’t taking us seriously. 

So, we ended up having to wait 3-5 minutes in the waiting room (which felt like an eternity). 

The nurse finally came out to get me and said that she would be back for Ben in 10-15 minutes. 

Ben was like….uh, no. I’m coming back with her now. LOL. I was so thankful for how he advocated for being with me! 

So, we all went back. She helped me get into a hospital gown and then she strapped a monitor on to check on baby. 

My contractions were seriously intense at this point, my hand was SO red from holding the comb so intensely. I was trying to breathe/low moan through them, trying to do all of my unmedicated birth prep I had learned….but when those contractions hit, it’s HARD. 

I found myself focusing on Ben’s face and that really helped. 

After about another 3-5 minutes being back in the triage room, my midwife, Amanda walked in and I was SO ELATED. She had made it on time! And I knew that the nurses would take me seriously now that she was here and could validate the fact that I have my babies FAST. 

My incredible midwife, Amanda!

She checked my cervix and I was 6 cm dilated and 100% effaced. 

I was so bummed and scared when I just heard 6! I looked at Ben and told him I didn’t know if I could do it without an epidural, the pain was so intense and scary! Amanda said that two minutes could change dilation, that a 6 means nothing, that I could have my baby any time. So that was incredibly encouraging.

It’s GO TIME: 4 PM!

Next, we were rolling up to labor and delivery. I was laying on a stretcher with my eyes closed. So much pain in that elevator ride up!!! I felt every bump as I was being pulled on the stretcher. 

Haylie laboring
Ben was such an incredible support to me during labor. This was just 5 minutes from meeting baby!

One of the worst bits of pain was when I had to get from the stretcher to the hospital bed once we made it to the labor and delivery room. I don’t know why, maybe I was fully in transition…but it was SO painful. 

I had taken a water birth class so I was able to get in the water if needed. They were filling up the tub when I got there. 

My wonderful, doula, Kristian, made it in time as well!! I was so happy to see her. She was such a huge support, she made sure that I got some washcloths for my head and neck because I was SO hot. She also used a fan on me the entire time I was laboring in the room. 

Haylie and doula
My doula and dear friend, Kristian! She was AMAZING!

I was in sooooo much pain. Contractions were incredibly intense at this point. There were times when I would let out a scream and then try and bring it back down to low moaning. The fear was palpable, I knew that I needed to push soon but I was scared.

I remember vocalizing that to my nurse – I told her I was scared and she said “Of what?” and I said “pushing!” Haha. 

Thank the Lord, Ben was still there with me. He was holding my hand, rubbing my hair back, reminding me to low moan/breathe through the contractions.  

Time To Push!

Suddenly, I knew I had to push so my body instinctively bared down. 

THE PAIN OH MY WORD. I think with Jack, pushing was a relief because I was in so much shock from the pain of contractions that it gave me something to focus on. With this birth, I didn’t contract for a long time so I felt EVERYTHING when it came to pushing. The ring of fire, so much pressure!!!!

I pushed twice while laying on my back and my midwife said that she was right there, she could see her head! She told me if I wanted to have the baby in the water then I needed to move NOW but I couldn’t move because of the pain. 

Ben and Lillian after she was born
Dad and his girl enjoying some sunshine!

As I had a slight break from the contractions, Amanda told me to turn around on my hands and knees and she said she would be born on the next contraction.

I turned around in agony, held onto the edge of the bed, pushed with all my might during the next contraction, screamed into the pillow and I heard her say “her head is out!” 

At some point, she said, “Ben, do you want to catch her? Ben said “no thank you” lol! He wasn’t prepared for that, ha! 

She’s Here: 4:07 PM!

I gave one more good push, felt her arms and limbs move inside me as they finally came out and I felt such incredible relief. She was here! And crying! And right in my arms!

From when we arrived at the hospital to having her in my arms was a total of 20 minutes. WOW. 

I was kind of in an awkward position because I was still on my hands and knees and she was super slippery with vernix and fluid and what not so I eventually had to turn over and she laid on my back.

She wasn’t crying too much at first but my midwife wasn’t worried. I kept asking if the baby was okay because she was quite blue. She allowed the cord to stop pulsing, let Ben cut it and they took her to weigh her and do her apgar scoring.

She was 9 LBS 1 OZ. I couldn’t believe it! Jack was only 6 lb 13 oz! I knew she was bigger but just didn’t know THAT big. She was also 19 and 1/4 inches. My big healthy chunky girl! 

Lillian after she was born
What a cutie!

They ended up having to give her one minute worth of oxygen and then her color got pink and she finally gave a big cry. 

Wow! Meanwhile my midwife was looking over me and checking out my bleeding etc. somehow I miraculously didn’t tear! PRAISE THE LORD.

My doula stayed with me the whole time and held my vernix covered hand as I delivered the placenta and got cleaned up, I was obviously incredibly tender down there. Kristian, my doula, was such an incredible support to me. 

They soon placed her back on my chest and what a whirlwind! I breastfed and did skin to skin and it was so lovely and I was in shock it happened so fast again but oh my goodness, your baby being on your chest makes you forget everything that just happened! 

Parting Thoughts

I truly couldn’t have made it through without the incredible support of 

  1. my husband. He stayed calm, cool and collected the entire time, drove us to the hospital and got us there in one piece and advocated for me and the baby. He is my ROCK.
  2. My midwife and doula! They were cheering me on the entire time, helping me through each contraction, each push. Kristian, my doula, tended to all my needs, during the fundal massages, helping me get on my adult diaper, holding my hand as I delivered the placenta. She was amazing. 
  3. The nurses, they were so encouraging and kind. They kept telling me “You got this!” which is so needed in such a vulnerable space like labor. 
  4. My mom and mother in love! My mother in love dropped everything and came immediately to come take care of Jack, he was napping! And my mom came down the next day and stayed with Jack for 2 days, taking care of him! Knowing he was in good hands meant the world to us, especially since we had never been away from him overnight! 
  5. And of course, most of all GOD. He alone gets the glory and praise for this! He got me through yet another unmedicated birth…He gave me the strength I didn’t know I had. He blessed us with a healthy baby girl and a complication free pregnancy and birth. Thank you JESUS!!! 

With all that said, precipitous births aren’t for the faint! It was so hard, granted short, but such an intense amount of pain in a short amount of time and there is no time for meds! Granted, this time I wanted to purposefully do it unmedicated but still!

I think if the Lord were to ever bless us with another child, we might stick to home birth LOL, especially since Jack’s birth was 3.5 hours long and Lillian’s was 1 hour 20 min! 

My midwife and doula told me to let them know the minute I had a strong contraction and to basically head to the hospital and I’m so glad they were there for me, rushing for me and advocating for me! If you are local to Burlington, definitely reach out to my friend Kristian for her doula services!

Haylie and Lillian under a warm blanket
Enjoying some snuggles with my girl.

That being said, All women who give birth, no matter what form (unmedicated, epidural, c section), are rockstars and deserve the world. 

Thank you for your continued love, support and prayers as we transition to a family of 4. I have new recipes coming….I’m just trying to find the time to write the blog posts, LOL. 

Xo – Haylie, Ben, Jack and Lillian 

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  1. I cried through the whole post! You are a super mom! You and Benjamin, through God’s mercy brought us a beautiful baby girl! We love her so much! We love YOU

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