Pineapple Ginger Mojito

garnished drink with lime in the background

These Pineapple Ginger Mojitos are the BEST Summer beverage! Made with fresh pineapple and extra ginger beer, they’re quick to whip up and will quench that Summer cocktail thirst!

Another Friday, another cocktail recipe! And you guys, I truly couldn’t love this one more. And what better time to release it than on the long holiday weekend?!

This drink would be perfect alongside a big juicy grilled cheeseburger or a perfectly charred chili hot dog and most definitely perfect to watch while big fireworks are lighting up the sky! 

Why This Drink is the BEST: 

If you’re a pineapple fan, this drink is definitely for you! We used FRESH pineapple in this recipe, nothing against canned pineapple juice but there is just something about extra juicy and fresh fruit! 

The ultra sweetness of the pineapple paired with the bite of that mint is the absolute perfect combination. We use a muddler to really make sure that the flavors come out in the drink. YUM. 

Another fun thing is that my friend actually gave me some of her homegrown PINEAPPLE mint leaves! How fun?! They really added a wonderful flavor to the drink overall. 

You could really just stop there and make a normal mojito and top it with club soda but why not make it more interesting, right?! 

overhead shot of fizzy ginger beer in the cocktail

One of my absolute favorite cocktail mixers is ginger beer. For me, the spicier the better! So it was a no-brainer to substitute the club soda that would normally go into a mojito with ginger beer! 

The sweetness of the pineapple paired with that fizzy spiciness of ginger beer….just WOW y’all. WOW. Perfect combination, ten outta ten, chef’s kiss goodness! 

It’s fizzy, sweet, spicy with a kick and the perfect Summer drink. So let’s get into exactly what you need to make it! 

Ingredients You Need: 

  • White rum 
  • Simple syrup 
  • Fresh mint 
  • Fresh pineapple 
  • Lime 
  • Ginger beer

Best Mojito Making Tips: 

Start by dicing up some pineapple – you’re only going to need about ¼ cup per drink for this. Dice in small bite size pieces – like this! 

diced pineapple and pineapple mint in the cocktail shaker

Add to a cocktail shaker along with the mint and muddle it together to make sure they are super combined. 

Next, to the cocktail shaker, add chilled white rum and simple syrup and lime. Add the lid and shake shake shake!

straight on shot of finished cocktail

Add crushed ice to your fave cocktail glass and strain the drink into the glass. Top with ginger beer until it’s fizzy up to the top and then garnish with fresh mint and a chunk of pineapple. 

hand grabbing garnished cocktail

Enjoy every single sip of this deliciously sweet and spicy drink! 

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Pineapple Ginger Mojitos

These Pineapple Ginger Mojitos are the BEST Summer beverage! Made with fresh pineapple and extra ginger beer, they’re quick to whip up and will quench that Summer cocktail thirst!

Course cocktails, Drinks
Cuisine American
Keyword ginger beer cocktails, mojito recipe, pineapple ginger mojito, pineapple mojito
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 drink
Author Haylie


  • 1 and 1/2 oz chilled white rum 
  • 1 oz simple syrup (storebought or homemade)
  • 8-10 fresh pineapple mint leaves (normal mint works as well)
  • 1/2 fresh lime, squeezed 
  • 4 oz extra ginger beer 
  • 1/4 cup freshly diced pineapple 
  • fresh mint and pineapple slices to garnish 


  1. Dice up the pineapple into bite size pieces and add to the cocktail shaker. Add the mint as well and using a muddler, muddle it up for a minute or so until it's fully combined.

  2. To the cocktail shaker, go ahead and add in the rum, simple syrup and fresh lime. Place the lid on the shaker and then SHAKE it up! Shake shake shake for 20 seconds or so.

  3. Add crushed ice to a cocktail glass. Strain the drink over the ice. Top with ginger beer until fizzy and delicious. Garnish with a pineapple slice and fresh mint. Enjoy!

Recipe Notes

To make your own simple syrup, simple combine 1 cup sugar to 1 cup water in a small pot on medium heat. Stir together until the sugar has dissolved into the water reduce the heat and then let it cool down. You can also buy store bought 🙂


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