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Hi guys! Welcome to another #loveyourbalance post!

  2. Learn more about these delicious cookies down below. But first..

Can I just be real with y’all for a second? I have been feeling super off my game lately. Most days, I feel awesome about my body and the food choices I make. However, I feel like I still haven’t gotten out of “Holiday Mode.” In my life, the holidays start on Thanksgiving and end on my birthday. That’s a month and a half of parties, delicious foods, and yummy treats. This year I’ve found myself thinking “uhhh can my birthday hurry up already and be over so I can get back to normal life?!”

Maybe I’m just feeling extra bloated after my visit with my family this past weekend for an early birthday celebration. We went out to Mexican food on Friday, then I had some beers with my brother, then we had BBQ on Saturday for lunch and then pizza and wine for dinner.

No wonder I have been feeling bad! Y’all, I LOVE JUNK FOOD. Don’t get me wrong! But when I eat it constantly, boy does my body feel it! I don’t mean that I gain a bunch of weight….I mean that I physically feel terrible. I have headaches, I’m bloated, my skin breaks out etc.

Everyone tells you “calories don’t count, it’s a holiday.” But those little pesky jerks in my head are screaming “Actually yup they do count and you’re going to gain 100 pounds this holiday season.”

But you know what? Today is my birthday. I’m silencing those voices in my head today and every other day! Instead, I’m going to celebrate!

Why is it that that “diet culture” makes us feel so bad about having a sweet treat? There is nothing wrong with wanting a nightcap post dinner while binge-watching your favorite show.

I certainly didn’t always feel that way though.

One of my lowest moments in my journey was when my mom brought home a cake. It was chocolate. With buttercream frosting. AKA my dream cake. I restricted myself from having it that night. However, that next morning, when everyone else had left for work, I swear that darn cake was calling my name. The smell was intoxicating.

I immediately ripped off the plastic, got a fork and put the biggest bite in my mouth. I was immediately relieved by the comfort that food brought me. But then, those voices popped up yet again.

So I literally chewed it up to get the taste in my mouth. And then I spit it out. I did that often. I would chew sweet treats up to make sure I could really relish in that wonderful sugary taste and then spit it out. In my mind, that means I wouldn’t gain any weight. I was never swallowing it but I was getting that taste. It was a win win.

No way. It was a lose, lose. Turns out, that’s actually not just a extremely harmful mindset BUT it leads to gastrointestinal issues and dental problems. I quickly learned that for me: restriction = binging.

Today – 3 years later, I look back on the girl that I was and I just want to hug her. And let her know that there IS a way to balance out food in your life. You can make room for chocolate on a daily basis! You don’t have to restrict yourself from ANY type of food. You just have to have moderation.

For instance, instead of indulging in a huge popcorn and a large soda at the movies, I instead bring my own chocolate bar (I love dark chocolate! Anything over 70% makes my heart swoon!) That is just one way to make a healthier swap and try and balance out the pizza I had prior to the movie.

So today, I thought I’d let you know that I made some cookies. I made these for myself as a celebration. That I can eat these FULLY. Not just chew them up and spit them out. I can enjoy them both physically and emotionally. Find some pics below because you know I can’t eat something with photographing it!

Here is the dough (which I ate a lot of….)

How I Balance Treats Cookie Dough Photo

These are peanut butter chocolate chip cookies from a brand new cookbook that Benjamin got me for Christmas called Love Real Food by Kathryne Taylor! She’s the main queen behind Cookie and Kate.

These only have 5 ingredients and they’re basically refined sugar free! (minus the heaping amount of chocolate chips I added…)

Can we just take a moment to marvel at these? So fudgy and gooey and wonderful. I literally just kept eating them. Make sure to check out Cookie and Kate’s cookbook to get this full recipe. Pinch of Yum also made these beauties. Here is a link to Lindsay’s post!

How I Balance Treats Gooey Cookie Middle Photo

Anyway. Just letting you know that no matter what society says about dieting or what those voices are telling you in your head, it’s okay to indulge in sweet treats. You shouldn’t have to restrict yourself to achieve what society thinks is beautiful. You’re already there. <3

Now I’m gonna go eat a couple more of those cookies. It is my birthday, after all.

Until next time,


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  1. Yaaaas honey EVERYTHINGIN MODERATION! Soooo true. I love you! And I’m so proud of how far you’ve come. Happy birthday! Indulge away!

  2. I love your story! Today I overindugled because I told myself I wouldn’t. Too many donuts. I just need to practice moderation.

    1. Susie, thanks so much for leaving a comment. Moderation can be so hard when there are so many delicious treats out there! Glad to know I’m not alone in this struggle! I know we can get through it though. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk more!

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