My Love/Hate Relationship with Exercise

my love/hate relationship with exercise graphic

Hi guys! Welcome back to another #loveyourbalance post. I’m excited/also a little nervous to share this one with you. I feel like with any healthy food blogger, people automatically assume that they work out every single day and eat only salads and matcha lattes. I hate to say it, but that’s just not me. Click to read more about my love/hate relationship with exercise.

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18 Favorite Trader Joe’s Items + Grocery Shopping Tips!

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Haaaaay friends! Today for #loveyourbalance, I’m sharing my 18 Favorite Trader Joe’s Items! Did you know one of my favorite things of all time is to grocery shop? I’ve loved it even when I was a kid! I remember pushing around my little tiny cart and putting in cereal, granola bars, ice cream and all the goods all before my parents inevitably put everything back in its place.

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