My Love/Hate Relationship with Exercise

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Hi guys! Welcome back to another #loveyourbalance post. I’m excited/also a little nervous to share this one with you. I feel like with any healthy food blogger, people automatically assume that they work out every single day and eat only salads and matcha lattes. I hate to say it, but that’s just not me. Click to read more about my love/hate relationship with exercise.

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18 Favorite Trader Joe’s Items + Grocery Shopping Tips!

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Haaaaay friends! Today for #loveyourbalance, I’m sharing my 18 Favorite Trader Joe’s Items! Did you know one of my favorite things of all time is to grocery shop? I’ve loved it even when I was a kid! I remember pushing around my little tiny cart and putting in cereal, granola bars, ice cream and all the goods all before my parents inevitably put everything back in its place.

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Maintaining a Lifestyle Change

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At first, I was going to title this “Maintaining my Current Weight.” My head immediately went to the scale and made me think…hmm, I wonder what my current weight is. I normally don’t weigh myself. In fact, when my husband bought a scale a little while ago for his work, I asked him to hide it from me. So instead, I decided to name this “Maintaining a Lifestyle Change.” Because that’s what I do.

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The Real Story Behind my Weight Loss

The Real Story Behind my Weight Loss Love Your Balance graphic

Oh hey guys! This is something new that I’m trying out. I have gotten such a great response to my weight loss journey – I wanted to give you guys some insight behind it all letting you know The Real Story Behind my Weight Loss! I’ve also started a hashtag to go along with it because I’m a millenial, right? Ha!

#loveyourbalance is the name of this series It’s an invitation for you to share your life with me – your balance, your un-balance, that time you ate a salad for lunch but then had 2 bowls of pasta for dinner. I want to hear about it all and let you know how WONDERFUL you are and help you to realize that your weight has nothing to do with who you are as a person.

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