April Reflections

cherry blossom tree

Gearing up to take you into my reflections on the month of April! Talking all about my feelings, some things I’ve done for relaxation and just blabbing about life in general!

Hey, friends! I’ve really enjoyed doing these Reflection posts for the last few months.

Granted, the last 2 have looked a lot different than my normal life – but I’m still so thankful to have a space where I can write down my feelings and I have people who will listen (or at least, I think listen. If you’re reading this, Hi Mom.) 

So let’s jump into what’s been happening!

Day 46 – A Day in the Life 

Today I did the dreaded thing and counted how many days it’s been since we have been staying at home. It’s 46. It’s been 10 weeks since I have seen my family. I desperately want to give my Mom a huge hug – especially with Mother’s Day coming up 🙁

For the past 46 days, we wake up. Somewhere around the 7 AM hour. I make coffee, we do our Bible Study, make breakfast, shower and I’m usually actually getting to work around 9:00. 

breakfast with yellow daisies

I work for a bit – maybe shoot a recipe, write a blog post, edit photos, check on emails etc.

Lunch is around 12:30 which has consisted of MANY turkey sandwiches and jalapeno kettle chips. 

I finish up work for the day around 4. Then, our daily walk ensues. Followed by dinner + probably a glass a wine + watching whatever show we are on at the moment (We just finished Waco and WOW so intense.)

Sleepytime tea + reading (I’m rereading the Chronicles of Narnia series) + bed and then repeat. 

the magician's nephew

Of course, I’m incredibly thankful to have a stocked pantry full of food, a warm house and a wonderfully supportive husband during this time so I am counting my blessings! 

I go through ebbs and flows of happiness but also sadness. Panic attacks and also peace. How about you all? Are you hanging in there? 

Favorite April Recipes

I’m still putting out new content here on the blog that I think/hope is helpful to you all and I’m so thankful I have that opportunity! 

buttery slice of carrot cake bread

I’ve made some yummy things this month! Here are a few of my favorites: 

Carrot Cake Bread aka a big thick loaf of warm + spicy carrot deliciousness. 

Chipotle Pineapple Chicken Bowls – Who couldn’t use a new chicken dinner recipe? 

Coconut Pecan Cookies – Hello buttery soft + nutty delicious cookies!

Simple Lemon Lime Margaritas – I updated this recipe with new photos just in time for you to get your marg on for Cinco De Mayo

Easy Homemade Banana Pudding – Trust me, you need this in your life and trust me, you won’t ever go back to making the boxed stuff. 

Trying New Things

One thing that Benjamin and I have been doing this month is trying out new drinks! 

mint mojito outside on back porch

We are usually very much dry red wine people – that’s our go to. Ben likes a hoppy IPA beer as well. But we aren’t the biggest fans of liquor. 

BUT, since we have been quarantined, we have decided to try out different drinks and have a date night every weekend! 

So far we have made: the Lemon Lime Margaritas mentioned above, Mint Mojitos (from fresh mint in our backyard), Rum + Lime + Club Soda (not sure what that’s called but it’s delicious) and finally, the beloved Moscow Mule. 

It’s been fun getting to experiment and it makes the experience SO much more fun. We go outside on our back porch, turn on our twinkle lights, turn some oldies on, sip our beverages and enjoy each other’s presence. 

A Semi-Anniversary 

Speaking of enjoying each other’s presence, I know that I’m over-emotional BUT this Saturday, May 2nd, marks 5 years since me and Benjamin’s first date! We were just babies!

our first date

I know that’s probably a silly thing to even celebrate – but hey, in these trying times, we all gotta find happiness somewhere! 

I don’t think we are going to do anything special – maybe try out a new drink, eat some pizza and watch Brooklyn 99. We’re content with just being together which makes me happy. 

easter together

My life has forever changed for the better since meeting Benjamin and I can’t wait for our next 50 years together! 

So..where do we go from here? 

Good question! I’m not sure where you’re tuning in from – but here in NC the order has been extended right now to May 8th. From there, our state will re-open in phases. 

Maybe by Summer everything will be back to a new “normal”? 

I’m not sure. All I know is that I thought I was a homebody and introvert before…but I desperately miss my family, my friends, my church family and HUGGING PEOPLE.

watercolor Bible verse

Seriously. I really wonder if this whole situation will strengthen relationships even more, bring people closer together and make sure we never take for granted one another’s presence. 

One can only hope. 

Until then, I guess we’ll just keep on taking it day by day. 

Hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy and safe. We can get through this together! XO – Haylie

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  1. This was so beautiful and it brought me to tears…( oh hey, its mom). I am so proud of the human that you are! Im proud of you for your selfless commitment to your blog, your amazing recipes, your desire to inspire so many people. Most of all, i am so proud to call you my daughter. I love reading your monthly reflections , they are always so heartfelt and honest. Thank you for being you and for sharing your story with so many that need encouragement right now, myself included. I miss you terribly and cant wait to see you in person and hug you for hours! I love you, Haylie Rhea! ❤❤❤

    1. Awwww, Mama! This made me almost cry! Thank you so much for your sweet heart! For always believing in me no matter what! I miss you so much! I love you 🙂

  2. Aw, Haylie I feel you on not being able to hug your Mama! I really miss mine too! It’s really hard being distanced from the ones we love. And guess what? We’re just finishing Waco tonight! So good! Loved reading your reflections XO

    1. Thanks for reading, Katherine! It means so much 🙂 Waco was wild, wasn’t it?! Couldn’t believe it was a true story too!!

  3. Haylie
    Congratulations on completing your 5th year with your loving husband. I’m sure you know this and have heard this that soon this phase will be referred to as “once upon a time”. You will give that tight hug to your mum soon. A heart touching post. Thanks. Stay safe and stay blessed.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for reading 🙂 You’re so sweet! Hope we can all hug our loved ones soon. Stay safe and blessed also! <3

  4. Just happened to find you this morning through a Pinterest baking post. I really enjoyed this article. Thanks for sharing.

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