About Us

Hi there! I’m Haylie.

Welcome! You’ve made it to my labor of love – Our Balanced Bowl! The one stop shop for all things delicious, whether that’s a kale salad or fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

I’m a lover of all foods. Seriously, no discrimination here. I love greens, veggies, fruits, anything Oreo, and most importantly – pizza (as seen in this photo, eating pizza on my wedding day)

For years I spent my life my life counting calories, watching what I ate, eating only the most processed, low-fat unreadable ingredient foods imaginable. My body wasn’t getting the nutrients it needed, and to be honest, neither was my mind. To read more about my weight loss journey and how I overcame an eating disorder, go here

This is my husband Benjamin. (Insert heart eye emoji forever.)

He’s wonderful.

We introduced each other to a life of balance. I taught him that you probably shouldn’t buy a one-way ticket to Puerto Rico on a whim. He taught me that I should eat more vegetables and not restrict myself when it comes to eating. To read more of our story, click here.

Together, we make up Our Balanced Bowl.

We cook together, wash dishes together, and  and we balance each other out – by loving on each other, trying to live intentionally each day and by following Jesus. 

Thanks for stopping by!